Vaccination Records:  To protect the health and well-being of all dogs at SnipPets, we must verify proof that your pet is completely up to date on all of his or her shots & vaccinations before your 1st appointment. We will accept a typed receipt/record from your Veterinarian at the time of your 1st visit with the name and phone number of your Veterinarian.
Dogs must have their shots and vaccinations 48 hours prior to their appointment.
Age/Sex: SnipPets accepts puppies that are on a vaccination program with their second set of puppy shots completed. Dogs do not need to be neutered or spayed. Please advise if your dog is on heat.
Payment: Payment is due for services when you pick up your dog. Clients who find this request difficult to adhere to will be asked to pay before the session begins. Cash, Cheque (made out to SnipPets Dog Grooming Studio) or Credit Card are accepted forms of payment.
24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please do so 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  If you “no-show” more than once, you may not be able to book your pet again at SnipPets. Less than 24 hours cancellation notice or no shows will be charged 50% of the grooming charge.
Late Arrival: Please call ahead if you know you will be late. If you arrive late, the length of your dogs grooming will be reduced to end as scheduled. Late arrivals will receive service for the balance of their appointment time; however, fees will not be reduced. Those over 25 minutes late will be considered no-shows, their appointment cancelled and charged the no show fee.
Collect your pet within 45 minutes of our “completion” text message: Although your furry baby is well cared for while at SnipPets, a shorter stay with fewer dogs in the salon makes for a more relaxing environment for all.
Need more time past your grooming session? Due to space limitations, please ask 24 hours in advance if you would like to extend the stay for your dog past the 45 minute pick-up window. The cost is $10 for up to 4 hours total stay & $20 for up to 8 hours total stay (does not include close of business late pick up fees). Why? Dogs staying past their grooming may create disturbances and distractions. Time is taken out of a busy grooming schedule to give your pet potty breaks and to ensure they are well hydrated, safe and comfortable for an extended period of time, extra space is also needed which may mean that less dogs can be groomed on that day. This additional time, work and service is not complimentary.
Nail Trimming: Your pets nails will be checked to see if they need clipped. If your pet becomes stressed when we are doing their nails then we will not proceed and you may have to take them to the vet to have them done.
Sometimes the quick (blood vessel) of the nail is not visible and may be nicked. Don’t be alarmed we have styptic powder to put on your pets nails to stop bleeding.
Crating: SnipPets is not a boarding or daycare facility. When grooming is complete your dog will be tucked into his/ her personal crate to wait for your arrival. The crate will be made very comfortable with a soft mat to lay on, water available and a small toy or blanket to snuggle with. Most dogs take naps while waiting although you may find them barking and jumping around when you arrive its only because that’s what dogs do when they see new people and especially when mom or dad comes for them! Please note that many dogs do prefer the crate while they wait for you as they feel more comfortable in their own personal and secure little den. It is also safer. However, if you feel that dog will not be comfortable in a crate please let the groomer know so you can arrange to collect them as soon as they are done. If your dog shows signs of being uncomfortable while waiting in the crate, the groomer will let you know so you can collect your dog immediately.
Close of business late pick up fees:  We respect your time and assume you respect ours. We hope you understand that like you, we have family, and plans after working all day. We do know that “things happen” and therefore we give you a 15 minute cushion past our closing hour to pick up your pet. Anything past the 15 minute cushion you will be charged a $20 late fee and an additional $10 fee for every 15 minutes that passes until your pet is collected.
Weekend no-show policy:  Saturdays and Sundays are the most in-demand days. Should you “no-show,” or forfeit your Saturday/Sunday appointment due to lateness, we will not be able to book you on the weekend in the future.
Contagious?  For the safety of our other clients, please do not bring an animal that has any type of contagious skin issue, disease, fungus, or worms. If a problem is identified, we will ask that you pick up your pet immediately and pay for the portion of grooming that was completed.
Flea Free Policy:  It is sometimes difficult for the groomer to tell if fleas are present until the grooming process has begun. Therefore, is very important to say if you think your pet may have fleas before you come to your appointment. If your dog has fleas please cancel their appointment (24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee) until a time that you have addressed the issue with your vet and they are flea free.  If fleas are found during the groom a $20 fee will be added to your bill for the extra time and expense needed to sanitise the studio, a mandatory flea bath for your dog and flea bomb. You will be contacted immediately so there will be no surprises on your bill.  The flea bath used does not contain harsh chemicals and is mild to the skin but if you do not wish for your dog to have a flea bath please ensure that you don’t bring him in infested with fleas. Dogs that come in with fleas must be collected immediately after grooming.
Severe Matting:  In the case where your pet’s coat is severely matted or pelted, your pet will need to be shaved down as severe matting can cause or mask dermatitis, skin irritation and MANY other possible issues.  During the shave down process, although great care is taken, skin irritation, minor nicks, and stress may occur, depending on the severity of the mats. I release SnipPets from any and all responsibilities resulting from shaving or dematting a matted pet. A $45 charge will be added to the final bill to reflect the extra care and time this type of grooming requires. A shave down due to matting is only available one time at SnipPets. In order to remain a client of SnipPets, you must adhere to a regular appointment schedule at an interval recommended by the groomer. If you fail to get your dog groomed regularly  you will not be able to book your pet again at SnipPets.
Dematting: If your pet has a few mats that can be brushed out and your pet cooperates, this can be done at a rate of $15 for every 15 minutes of dematting in addition to the base grooming fee quote, not to exceed 30 minutes.
Handling:  If your pet has any behavioural issues, illnesses, injuries or sensitive areas, you must note this condition prior to your appointment.  SnipPets reserves the right to stop grooming or refuse service should your pet be extremely difficult to handle or to groom and if continuing to do so is unsafe to the dog and/or groomer.
In rare instances, your dog may not seem himself for about a day after grooming.   The groomer will inform you if any issues occured during grooming but this is normal for some dogs   after the excitement of grooming which can sometimes seem like a big deal and can be a bit tiring for some of our sensitive little friends.
Want more off the top?  Sometimes it’s easier to notice things at home than during the excitement of reuniting with your pet. If for any reason you’d like us to tweak your pet’s haircut, call within 48 hours of your pickup time and we will correct any issues free of charge. If SnipPets happens to be closed during that time frame, leave a message and you’ll be contacted during opening hours.